Pivacy Statement

Pivacy Statement

Privacy Policy

The statements on this page disclose our information collection practices and our privacy policy.

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Cool Car Tags
Winston-Salem, NC 27105
United States
Phone: 336-782-3072
Email: help@coolcartags.com

General Data Collection Statement: Identifiable information is collected.
Our website collects information and/or some information may be used to identify the website user.

Why do we collect information? Collecting and storing certain information allows us to save and store your shopping cart contents, and log sessions ID's.


The access our website visitors are given to the information collected about them is:
Web site does not collect identified data.


If a website visitor wants to file a dispute pertaining to your websites privacy policy, the dispute will be resolved by: Individual may complain to the Web sites customer service representative for resolution of disputes regarding the use of collected data.

You may view information on our dispute resolution policies and procedures here: http://www.coolcartags.com/custom-license-plates/Pivacy-Statement.html"

Customer Service at Cool Car Tags can be contacted via email at sales@coolcartags.com. Please allow 72 hours for us to do an initial investigation.

A visitor may verify our privacy practice here: http://www.coolcartags.com/custom-license-plates/Customer-Service.html

Our organization responds to visitor claims by: Errors or wrongful actions arising in connection with the privacy policy will be remedied by the service.


We collect information from our visitors to complete a transaction or a website activity such as:

  • Returning the results from a web search
  • Forwarding an email message
  • Placing an order
  • Recurring activity such as providing a subscription service
  • Allowing access to an online address book or electronic wallet.



Information is collected by our website and used by our organization and/or other businesses acting as agents for our organization, or for whom our organization is acting as an agent. Information is only used by us.


Information is retained under a our stated business practices.

Information is only stored for purposes of shopping on our site. We do not sell, share or distibute this information with any individual, business, or other entity.

Information is Collected About

This Web site collects clickstream data. Clickstream data is expected to apply to practically all websites. It represents the combination of information typically found in Web server access logs: the IP address or hostname of the users computer, the web address of the resource requested, the time the request was made, etc.

This Web site collects information stored in cookies to include Unique Identifiers

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